Life Sciences Transparency Reporting
Compliance and aggregate spend reporting for the life sciences industry is a breeze with SunshineSpend SaaS solution.

Automate Compliance and Transparency Reporting

Whether your spend data sets are nominal, from disparate sources, and/or disorganized, SunshineSpend seamlessly automates the process of transforming your raw data into an accurate CMS-compliant report.

Cost Savings
Time Savings
Improved Accuracy

The Competitive Advantage

An intuitively easy-to-use interface gives you full control over your transparency reporting with multiple view sets, multiple automation options and flexible precision. Confidently simplify transparency reporting with an affordable all-in-one platform for efficient tracking, remediating, validating and reporting of aggregate spend data.

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End-to-End Solution

From collecting, tracking and managing, to validating and reporting, aggregate spend reporting is a breeze with SunshineSpend's streamlined automation options.

Powerful Data Management

Import data from your expense system, Concur® account, ERP system, Excel sheets or any other source. SunshineSpend is data agnostic and supports your disparate data formats and sources.

Review, Revise and Validate

Lacking or uncertain about crucial spend data? Easily revise, automatically populate and validate your spend data using our powerful array of built-in databases, prior years’/months’ data and flexible editing options.

Reporting System Ready

Submit with confidence, knowing your aggregate spend reporting is accurate and compliantly formatted (CMS OpenPayments 2022-ready).

Enable Use Across Your Enterprise

Maintain control, grant access, and assign roles for user-specific needs and areas of expertise. Empower your team and make efficient use of time and resources.

Love Your Sales Force

Give them the ability to add their spend data quickly and on-the-fly, eliminating the need for time-consuming spreadsheets and the wait for end-of-year reporting.

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