Cost effective.
Value Time
Streamline aggregate spend tracking and reporting for your Life Science company.
Respect Budgets
Tidy and mighty global transparency aggregate spend reporting on any size budget.
Simplify Reporting
Your life science company has enough complexities to navigate, make aggregate spend and global transparency reporting effortless with SunshineSpend.

SunshineSpend Meets Your Compliance Spend Reporting Needs

SunshineSpend takes the stress out of global aggregate spend tracking and reporting. Whether you’re a medical device manufacturer, biotech or pharmaceutical company, SunshineSpend makes aggregate spend reporting intuitive, affordable and helpful for the Life Science industry.

Cost Savings
Time Savings
Improved Accuracy

Gain a Competitive Advantage

SunshineSpend is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that is simplifying global transparency reporting for the life science industry and speeding the time it takes to do it. The all-in-one platform improves tracking, remediating, and reporting of spend data – enabling customers to seamlessly meet global transparency laws and regulatory demands while preparing for the demands of tomorrow.

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Intuitive user interface makes it easy to collect, track, verify, report and analyze spend data. You don’t have to be a compliance expert to “get it”.

Data Source Agnostic

Import data from your expense system, Concur® account, ERP system, Excel sheets or any other source. As your business grows and data sources change, SunshineSpend easily adapts with you, with no implementation costs.

Review, Revise and Verify

Lacking or uncertain about crucial spend data? You can easily revise, automatically populate and validate your spend data using our collection of built-in databases, prior years’/months’ data and quick editing options.

Reporting System Ready

Export your spend data report with confidence, knowing the spend data is accurate and perfectly formatted.

Enables Use Across Your Enterprise

With easy-to-configure user management, maintain control, grant access and assign roles for user-specific needs and areas of expertise.

Global Compliance

Support for CMS Open Payments, US States and Loi Bertrand/French Sunshine Act reporting. EU-GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ready.

Absolutely THE BEST User Interface

Modern and intuitive web interface creates order from the chaos.

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